Explaining IT to your family & friends | Diabet’Series

Hello, lovelies! How did your week start? Here on areadingcat, it’s another week, another Diabet’Series. Today, I want to discuss when and how to explain you have diabetes to your family and friends. I hope I can help some of you understand this might not be an easy task for everyone and what I’ve learnt so far when talking about this disease for the first time with someone.

First thing, it is not easy. Yup. That’s right. It is not easy to explain what you have to go through every single second of your day. Just like no one could easily explain their own burdens and problems in life. People are understanding and caring – most of the times – but they do not fully get it. And that’s ok. I’ve learnt that if someone really wants to understand, they’ll take the extra mile and ask you many more questions. I’ve also learnt that you don’t have to do this in just one day or one hour. Let time run, let the questions emerge and let everyone get used to seeing how you handle it.


My in-laws saw me dealing with diabetes for over a month, every single day. (We stayed at their house for that period of time) They still had questions; they still didn’t understand it completely. I always tried to explain everything in a very simple way. Can you imagine explaining to someone what you have if they know zero about it? What is insulin? Can you eat this? Can you eat that? Why do you measure your food? I’m sure having low glucose values is better than higher ones? There are so many questions, but there is also time. Be patient with everyone around you. I certainly wasn’t in the beginning, mostly because I was very hurt that that was my life from then on. But it’s not their fault. And they don’t have to know anything about it, luckily. So take your time, simple words and educate everyone and anyone who wants to learn.

Be patient, catreaders!

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