The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter

Hello, friends! How are you today? It’s been a few very gloomy days over here and I can officially say I miss the summer already! It’s been cold and dark out and all I end up doing is wrapping myself as a burrito in my cosy blanket! Also, I always end up reading a lot. Not everything has to be gloomy, does it?

Today I’ll be writing about The Love Detective, a book who made me long for summery days in hot, bustling India. This romance talks about Ruby Miller. She’s a writer of romances herself but something happens in her life and she realises she no longer believes in love and happy ever afters. This made me so sad, I can’t even describe it, but when someone who is a romantic wholeheartedly and one day just stops believing in love…, I mean, it really breaks my heart. Ruby is relatable in the way that she pinpoints all her little flaws and wishes she could do more for herself but doesn’t actually do it.

Everyone in her life keeps telling her she needs a holiday to relax and see things differently. When her sister invites her to go to India, even though she’s sceptical at first, she decides to go nonetheless. Once in India, she has the most beautiful week in Goa, bathing in the hot waters and relaxing all day – even attempting yoga once (she then decides yoga is not for her). It is right here that this hugging story starts. Amy (Ruby’s sister) changes her plans and does not show up at the airport when both of them are supposed to go home. And the reason to why she doesn’t want to go back to London is *drum roll, please* because she’s fallen in love with a yoga teacher that she’s met for a very short period of time. Being a big sister, Ruby feels the need to protect Amy and tell her she saw him fighting with a very attractive woman. Of course this had to involve romance, fast decisions and possible cheating – it’s a novel!


Ruby starts an adventure to find her sister and this beautiful journey will take her around India, letting us readers discover beautiful places and beautiful people along the way. As the story unfolds, we get to know more and more about Ruby and what a truly good human being she is. The story is funny and witty and besides describing India in mesmerising detail, it also wrap us in a special kind of magic, that right until the end of the book, you will not know whether to believe it or not. Spoiler (but not spoiler): I cried a lot in the last scene, not because of the main characters, but because of a very special person you’ll get to meet if you decide to read this.

As always, I like to share a few sentences I loved in the books, and these are from this one:


“Laughter doesn’t need a reason. It just feels good to laugh, like a scratch feels good.” Reading this in not a great moment in my life, I found this phrase to be particularly deep and touching.


“…the numbers of moments that take your breath away.” I mean, Alexandra just pours steamy maple syrup in our little pancake-hearts, doesn’t she? If these didn’t make you run to amazon and place your order right now, I don’t know what will!

Happy reading, catreaders!

PS: Can I become a love detective and matchmake many beautiful souls spread around the world? Pretty please?


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