My flight essentials!

Hi there, travellers! This might be what you’re looking for! Or if you’re not planning a trip and you don’t plan on flying soon, you might be interested in knowing what I love to pack and take with me on board! Either way, welcome! I hope you’ll find this little list interesting and maybe even find one or two things you’d like for yourself!


Let’s take a closer look, shall we? First of all, I love taking notebooks with me! And no, not just one. I have tons of them and I use them for different things and love them all equally (weird much?), so I just choose two or three (maximum three!) to take with me. One is always my agenda, so I can plan ahead and keep track of what I have to do. Flights stress me usually, so I just take my mind off of it by planning! Yes, planning.

Then, I always need to have snacks with me. I have these super easy baby snacks – basically it’s fruit compote; super easy to eat and treats a low if need to!


Then, of course I have hand sanitiser. I mean, does this really need an explanation? Planes, sick people, germs flying (pun intended) around… *using hand sanitiser whilst writing just by thinking about this!*

I also like to have hand cream around. Why? I actually don’t know. Just a habit! It hydrates and smells good and I love smelling good squished against other people. Who doesn’t?

I also always take a book with me. Here you can see The Love Detective (read about it here!) but any I’ll be reading at the moment will do.

Tissues are so essential – at any time! I don’t have to explain myself on this one, I’m sure.


I also have lip balm/lip oils. I always keep them with me in my purse and I apply these all the time. I actually need a new lip balm by Yves Rocher because this one is literally finished.

More notebooks.


Snacks, snacks, snacks. These are great candy! Sugar-free, especially for me! Ha! Liked that rhyme? Again, always have a few laying around in my purse in case I need one.

Nail polish. I know. Many people would hate me if I actually paint my nails on a small closed space, but I always carry it with me in case I need to redo one of my nails. I always wait until leaving the airplane to do it, yes!

Diabetes stuff – because you know, I need it.


And last but definitely not least, my (L’s really) Bose headphones! This was honestly the best purchase ever! It completely isolates sound and you don’t hear anything when you have them on! With all the noise that can exist in a plane, if you can invest in these, you’ll thank me! It makes travelling a lot easier and more comfortable! They are expensive, but really worth it!


What abour YOUR flight essentials? Do you have any strange ones? Please share them down below!

Happy flying, catreaders!


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