Friday 13th, superstitions and whatnot!

Hello, everyone! Let’s talk about superstitions! Because that’s not dangerous at all! Being a Friday 13th and all…right? I hope so!

Right then! Let’s get cracking! Whenever I hear about superstitions, I think about the number 13 and Friday and ladders and umbrellas. I have a few funny ones to share with you today! In my home country we have some crazy, weird beliefs/superstitions. I hope you’re in for the ride!

Let’s imagine this: it’s raining cats and dogs, you take your umbrella with you because you’re a sensible adult now, and you open it inside your house because you don’t want to get wet. Prepare yourself for a life of misery! You have upset God and now you will have bad luck for! Well done!

So you’re helping your dad fix the façade of your house and clean the gutters. Look at you! What a nice daughter! Bu…wait! Why are you passing under the ladder?? Are you completely mad? Get your bum over here and pass under again so you’ll have your good luck back!

Your friends baby’s born and you’re so excited to hold him/her. You’re all around the table having dinner and the baby starts crying, he wants his daddy. And you, being all nice, pass him to his daddy over the table. YOU DID WHAT?! NO! That child is going to be unlucky all his life! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

And, ladies, and I say ladies because rules don’t apply to men here. If you want to spouse a man, on your first date, you have to wear black underwear…turned inside out! Yes, on your first date, you better wear those panties confidently because they will get you the man! (Seriously though, how could someone know they want to marry their date on their FIRST DATE?)

Yes. These are still believed til this day. To be honest, I would never want to pass under a ladder. Nor open an umbrella inside my house. Even though, if you do, just open and close it 3 times and you’ll be good to go! YEP! Now, let me just call L very quickly and ask him if he knows if my pants were black on our first date! I bet they were ‘cos we’re totally getting married one day!

*Should I have not said that one a Friday 13th?*

Happy Friday, catreaders!

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