So, I was assaulted…

This post wasn’t planned and it’s not easy to write.

If you have been paying attention to my blog, you know I started posting every day between Monday and Friday from the beginning of October, however yesterday there wasn’t a post. I write these posts always a little in advance, whether that’s a week or two days, but always leave a few things to change last minute on every single day I post. Yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to post. To finish what I had written, so I just didn’t. I didn’t because I was assaulted yesterday evening. I was out with a friend and a man just threw himself at me out of the blue, grabbed my hair and head and started shaking and somewhat throwing his arms at my head.

I didn’t know him nor I had ever seen him before. We were just walking down the street, many people were walking home from their jobs, kids from school and he was walking toward us and just attacked me. I know he probably was mentally ill or with problems and that it could’ve happened to anyone. I’m trying to cope with everything right now, but this has not helped my anxiety and fear of outings, for sure.

I’ll keep this short but just wanted to let you know what happened and why I didn’t post yesterday. Posts are schedule for the rest of the week and I’ll let them be as is.

Be safe, catreaders.

Chat away!