3 months testing | Diabet’Series

Hi friends! Another Monday, another Diabet’Series! I hope these have been helping you understand this disease a little better. And hopefully help you be a little more comprehensive when you meet someone with diabetes and not just just to the conclusion they eat lots of sweets and pastries.

In today’s post, I want to talk about what we, diabetics, need to do every 3 months. We need to do blood tests to check our blood sugars and most importantly, our hbA1c (or A1c) because this tells us how we’ve been doing for a longer period of time – the last 3 months basically. The blood glucose level is the concentration of glucose in your blood at a single point in time, i.e. the very moment of the test. And the A1c shows in a percentage that should be lower than 7%. The higher this percentage is, the more risks we have to get diabetes-related issues like retinopathy, neuropathy, kidney disease and others. If you want a comparison, my diabetes was discovered when I had a A1c of 13%.


But it must feel great when you start using insulin and your values lower. I haven’t done my 1st test after being diagnosed because it’s only been 3 months now, however I cannot wait to see what my A1c is like and I can already imagine how it feels for many others, the sweet victory of having decreased it.


I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed.

Happy Monday, catreaders!



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