Limerick, the city where I found love!

There’s a time for everything, and this is the moment where I’ll write about my first big experience travelling abroad and alone. In January of 2014, I went to Ireland to study at the University of Limerick (in Limerick). I was very excited, and also very nervous! It was a big step for me, but I was sure about what I wanted to do, so I went. I always joked around with my friends telling them I would find the love of my life in Ireland – I’ve always been a sucker for redheads; Conan O’Brien, am I right? – but I never actually expected to find it, right there, in between greenery and pubs.

I’ll share a few photos I took while in Limerick. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many from the university or the city itself because I was living there, and I never actually thought about taking more and more photos – we do have loads of them from parties and very drunk faces, but I would not share those here (you can always check my Facebook or Instagram for some of those). This was the view from my bedroom:


I stayed near the campus on this residence. We each had a bedroom for ourselves (I even chose a bedroom with a toilet for myself too) and then a shared kitchen and living room. I really miss living here. I made lots of friends and one of my best friends lived in this village too! There was always a party happening in one of the houses and the doors were always open for anyone to join in.


And this was the university. I’m sorry the pictures are a bit blurry but I didn’t have the best equipment back then!


I really loved it too. It was big and we even had two pubs and a market inside the campus! We hung lots in both pubs because of the Friday night’s parties but also during the day to have coffee or a beer.


One day I decided I would take photos to the way I took every morning to go to uni. There wasn’t much around because it really was a campus feeling with many villages (dorms) and the uni. The walk was always beautiful, a bit chilly, and would always surprise me with its beauty.


You can now see some photos from Rag Week (or Charity Week), which I think was the fun-nest week at UL. We had games every day and the campus was full of life and everyone was pretty much drunk all the time. And the weather was fantastic! It made everything so much bubblier for sure.




This is a photo from a local pub in the city centre. We all lived about 15 minutes away from the city centre. I didn’t go there much during the day, but when we would, I would love hanging at these pubs. It has to be one of the most amazing things about the UK and Ireland, the pubs. The vibe and the comfort always gets me, and til this day, this is definitely one of the things I miss most when travelling to other countries.


We did lots of travelling too when living in Limerick. We went to nearby towns but also longer trips. I have this funny photo we took from on of those trips. By the way, these 3 were part of my big group of friends. We had so many nationalities together, it was great to learn something new every day! (We had French, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Slovenian, Lithuanian, German, New Zealander, American and of course, Portuguese – am I missing any here?)


If you ever go to Limerick, you have to visit the Milkmarket. It happens every Saturday morning but I think they have other days too (just check!). I love markets and I couldn’t not go to this one. It’s not very big and it’s definitely always crowded, but it’s worth it. You have the usual that you’d get in a town’s market, from food to coffee and delicious tea and chocolate.




One of the first trips we all took together was to Blarney Castle. I believe this is about 50 minutes away from Limerick. It was a great morning spent together and the International team at UL is the one to thank for for these amazing trips they organised for us.




Look at this view! If you weren’t in love with Ireland before, how could you not from this?


And that’s it, friends! I spent the most amazing time in Ireland and in Limerick. I made the best of friends and I found love. I don’t think it gets much better than this! Limerick is a beautiful city to visit and the 4th biggest in Ireland (3rd maybe?). You have anything you’d like, from Primark (Pennies) to Tesco and many great pubs and nightclubs. If you fancy something more local, I really recommend going to the University. Besides being stunning, you’d probably hang around for an entire day exploring the entire campus. Moreover, the people are the friendliest and you cannot miss ‘The Stables’ – the pub where I, definitely, found love! Maybe you’ll be as lucky? :p

And to end, a photo from the toilets, because would this even be 2014 if there wasn’t one?


Happy travels, catreaders!

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