Moving (again) – Empty Flat Blog!

It is quite incredible how moving doesn’t become easy – even if you’ve moved 3 times in 2 years…! You’d think I’d gotten the hang of it, but it’s really not true. I love watching moving vlogs on YouTube, so I really wanted to do some here on the blog. If you’d like some decor ideas or inspo, please let me know and I’ll continue these! On this one, I’ve just taken photos of the apartment before we moved in. I hope you like it!

It took us a long time to find this apartment. We looked and looked for weeks non stop and everything was not pleasing or would be off market in a snap! It was the beginning of September too, so I understand the rate at how things go with new jobs and school starting again. We wanted a 2-bedroom with a nice kitchen and large spaces. We also were very strict on the neighbourhood(s) because we wanted L to be able to reach his work avoiding traffic (the best possible anyway) and I wanted to be close to the old centre too.


The entrance is a long corridor and large too. We have a wardrobe on the left side.


I actually was very happy about it because it means extra storage! It also comes with a mirror which is perfect to check my outfit before leaving. The first door on the right is the kitchen.


The kitchen is normal sized. Not too big but not small either. We have a dishwasher and oven, which you can see is very practical to reach and you don’t have to bend down while baking; and I love that it’s white and gold! I’m loving accessorising  using golden details! And the door on the left, which is actually a double door with glasses (you can see part of it in the picture) is the living and dining room.


This is definitely not the best picture but L decided he would take several pictures of it instead of a wide one… So now I don’t have a better one to post! Hopefully when I start sharing my decor bits, you’ll see how large it is. We have big windows from top to bottom, that let the light come in all day. Initially I wanted to have a kitchen and living area in one room but I actually have been loving it this way. Then, we have 2 bedrooms. Each facing opposite each other. They’re both big enough, but they look rather small and have one wall that goes in the diagonal, which makes putting furniture a bit of a challenge.


This is the room which is facing a street, so we decided we’d use it as an office/guest room. Right now, we have a desk and a dresser and will soon get a bed too for when we have friends over. Again, the picture is not perfect because we can’t see half of the room, but I will show it to you once it’s all decorated.


And this is the other room! As you can see, it looks quite small. I thought our bed would take up all the space (we have a king size bed 180×200 so I really worried for a while) but it fits really well and we have tons of space on both sides to have a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and our bedside tables. At the bottom of the bed, we’ll soon have a TV on top of a special structure (I’ll tell you all about it because I think this is very interesting if you’re renting and do not want to put up holes on your walls).

And this is my empty apartment! I will soon show you lots more because we’re loving decorating and choosing new pieces of furniture for our new home!

Happy Thursday, catreaders!

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