Periods and hormones | Diabet’Series

Hi, girlies! And boys? Monday’s here are synonym of Diabet’Series, a fun simple way for me to educate anyone who’d like to know more about diabetes (type 1 mostly because they work differently and I cannot speak for someone with type 2).

Today I really wanted to discuss with you my time of the month, my period. Yep. It’s important to talk about period anytime, with whomever. There’s no shame, it’s natural and a beautiful thing that happens to many of us. I’ve always had a difficult period and I’d always lay in bed the first day, unable to move. I still do; nothing helps and I always take pills and a hot-water bad during that first day. The others are very normal, even though I do feel more tender and weak. And moody, yes. Now, dealing with diabetes has been a bigger challenge because I actually have the triple of hypos I normally have and I haven’t had the time to know how to handle my insulin intakes during these few days of the month. This month, during those days, I had either a hypo or under 100 every time I checked. my glucose. And almost always low hypos in their 50s. If this wasn’t hard enough, with the insulin now, it makes me extra sluggish and down. I will discuss this at my next appointment and will probably reduce the amount of insulin during my periods.

I wanted to tell you my experience with this because I know how many of you just assume it’s all good once you figure out what you have to do with the insulin and you’ll live a very normal life, even if you’re 1/3 machine. However, do you see how much we have to change and adapt? Every single day? Even when I eat extremely clean, no fats, no sugars, my values can and will roller-coast just because your body works different every second. It’s not a given and we do work hard thinking about changes every moment of every day.

And that’s it for today! If you’re type 1 and need to adjust your insulin dosage, please let me know in the comments and feel welcome to share your story!

See you tomorrow, catreaders!

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