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Hi, friends! How is your week going? The weather is somewhat nice around here and I’m loving it! Today, I want to share with you a very nice trip I took to Milan last summer. I went to a city nearby Milan, Aprica and I went there for work. I still had a lot of time to explore and I have some pictures to share with you from Milan and Aprica too! Enjoy!

I arrived to Milan airport in the morning and took a shuttle to the city centre. These are very easy to find and cheap. They leave you at the train station, which is where I needed to go next to catch a long train to Aprica. It was a very long journey but I soon discovered it would be completely worth it! The train station is incredibly beautiful with a tall large building and many details on its façade. The interior is pretty stunning too!



The train ride was quite enjoyable. Long but enjoyable. And you also get some ravishing views:



As I said, I went to Aprica for work (as a TEFL teacher to children) and we stayed at a hotel that was a cool establishment for all the activities we had planned for the children. The little town itself was really beautiful too and I was really happy to be able to explore such a non-touristic part of Italy. The hotel was embraced by the mountains, which provided us breathtaking views as you can see from the photos:




We (myself and other teachers and staff) created a lot of activities that were educational but also fun for them. We even hiked the mountains one afternoon too; a 4-hour long hike (stunning, though! We could see Switzerland and the entire town at our feet.)






It ended up not being the best decision for me, as I ended up in the hospital the day after because of an allergic reaction but (there’s ALWAYS a good side to any unfortunate story) I got to explore a new little town, which I cannot recall its name, but was surprisingly cosy and full of life!





We also had great food at the hotel! Remember they were cooking every day for 50-ish people (mostly children!) so they had to be practical and simple, but I promise you, these dishes were amazing and my best souvenirs from my first experience in Italy were their foods.






And then, the adventure had to end. I spent unforgettable moments with the children and made friends for life with the other workers. The trip would not be over, though, without visiting Milan first! I was very lucky to have had found a great couchsurfer to stay at! He showed me and two other friends the coolest areas of Milan, telling and sharing million stories about the city and its founding. I got to learn a lot, much more than I’d ever have dreamed of and this was the highlight for me; getting to know a city by its beauty and charm, by learning its history and whys. Enjoy the photos, but let me know if you’re visiting Milan soon and I’ll get you in contact with my couchsurfer, so maybe he can give you too a complete tour of the city!

Milan is stunning! Because of its people and history. I really loved discovering more than I would have in my normal trips where I do the learning by myself and only what I feel like learning about. Aprica was amazing too. I couldn’t choose one as my favourite because they both provide completely different sensations, but I do say this: I have to go back! To both places! Especially in Winter! Can you imagine how beautiful it must be like in Winter?!

Happy travels, catreaders!

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  1. Awww… sorry to hear that you were in hospital, especially whilst on holiday! Sheesh. When me and my family went to Dorset it was a long drive (4 hours), but the view was well worth it.


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