100th Post!

MY GOD! If you didn’t know, this is my 100th POST! Yep! 100th! I am beyond excited for this moment! If you’ve been with me from the beginning, thank you so much! If you’re only seeing my blog for the first time, thank you so much! I have worked hard to achieve this. Meaning, this website, my blog, to write and share with you all many personal things about my life; things that I love, things that have happened to me, things about my every day. When I realised it would be soon my 100th post, I wanted to make something special and celebrate because it is not always that I take on a project and continue it when I can’t see the successes. Well, right now, I see the success and impact on my life. I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always wanted to write. This is just the beginning for me. I am slowly dipping my feet into the waters but will soon dive right in! Please be excited for me, because I definitely AM!


I hope at least some of you have been liking what I’ve had to say in the past months. I’m still learning and I intend to grow with you all. I am learning about what I love writing about and what works for me or not. It’s not as easy as people might think. It’s not easy to share with people, even if it’s only 1 person reading, what you’re truly passionate about. I’ve share bits and bobs of my life, but I’ve also shared some very personal stories and that can be really tough. I’ve always shared my stories and personal things with close friends and my sis but sharing these with people I don’t even know, is another level. So, bear with us all, we’re doing it because we love writing and chatting! Oh, by the way, my Bedtime Stories are my very personal, basic way of sharing what I love most in the world with you, so have a look, comment and be kind! *PS: A new one is coming and I’m very happy about it!*

So, please, let’s all raise our *imaginary* glasses to another 100 posts here on my blog!


Happy 100th, catreaders!

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