The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond

Hi, everyone! It is Wednesday, one of the best days of the week! At least, one of my favourites for sure! And another favourite of mine is (if you haven’t realised it yet) Lucy Diamond! I’ve been loving her books for a few months now and I just keep buying more! I love her style of writing and the very likeable characters she creates! Today I’m going to talk about The Year of Taking Chances!

I think I’ll say this has been my favourite book so far by Lucy. It’s really difficult to choose between them all, but this one has really caught my heart and wrapped it in the most Christmassy paper you could ever imagine! The book starts at New Year’s Eve, which is obviously one of my favourite holidays. It’s the time for new goals, new wishes and the feeling of a wide world at your reach. It’s when people feel the most hopeful and when everyone’s hearts are full of happiness and love. Three women meet at a New Year’s party which is being thrown by one of the three, Gemma. The reasons why the other two, Caitlin and Saffron, end up at Gemma’s party are different and I’ll let you find out by yourself. They bond over cocktails and chats and at one point decide to crack Chinese biscuits to see what the new year has to bring them. Funnily enough, each of theirs will somewhat reveal what they can hope for for the near future, even though they laugh at them at first.


I loved this book because of the three main characters. Just like them, I have groups of 2 best friends and I know exactly how a trio dynamic works, and I believe Lucy has depicted that in a very fluid way. As in any other story, each character has a troubled past and is trying to making amends. The 3 women get together and help each other out from the kindness of their hearts, and a strong friendship emerges. My favourite character is Caitlin. I relate to her a lot in the way her life passed through her and why she’s having a hard time. What made me really never putting the book down was the connection these women were building and how you can make new friendships later in life. I don’t want to give anything away this time, because this book really has precious details that woo you in every single page.

If you’re in your middle 20s, fighting against the stream and thinking you don’t have enough strength to continue swimming, give this book a good read! It shows us that there’s always something to look up to. Always the sun shining after the worst storm. Let Gemma, Caitlin and Saffron take over your heart for a few days and let yourself be in their world of chats, laughs, wine and croissants in the morning.


If you decide to read The Year of Taking Chances, or if you’ve read it before, please let me know! I’d love to hear your opinion on this!

Happy Wednesday, catreaders!

5 thoughts on “The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond

  1. I had never heard of this book, but your review makes me want to check it out!! I just finished what I was reading and it’s definitely time for a new book.. so this might be the one! I’ve been snooping around and I love your blog 🙂

    1. oww, thanks so much! I love yours too! The one of GG, oh my god! I’ve been dying ever since! So fun to cross the ones you’ve read! And also finding so many more that you really need to read! awww, love finding another book lover! 😋

  2. This book sounds super interesting. There’s always space in my TBR pile for another book! I very much agree with Alexa Ofelia, your blog is amazing. xx

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