Autumn/Fall Lookbook!

Hi, fashionistas! I have a very cool post for you today! I love doing these lookbook and tell you what outfits I love for a season or event! Also, Autumn is my favourite season so I definitely needed a lookbook with some of my favourite pieces! I decided to challenge myself and choose everything from Romwe, because 1, some of their things are REALLY cheap, and 2, I think that if this is your first time hearing about Romwe, you can see a good selection of their clothes, accessories, shoes and bags! I did a little of everything, so I hope you enjoy! Check out the links from the descriptions and I promise you you’re going to LOVE some of the prices!


This first outfit has this beautiful red jumper, the jeans with embroidery, the very cool leather (not real) jacket, the many rings, white trainers, black headband and stylish cross-body bag. Red is in trend right now, so I really want an outfit to highlight that. Also, I love jeans and a leather jacket. It’s so easy to throw on, but you immediately look very put together and effortlessly stylish.


With this second outfit, I wanted to make it look like you put in a lot of thought into it and I would wear this just easily as a day look as night look. The dress is beautiful, fluid and very easy to use during daytime, throw in a pair of tights if it’s cold; the high knee boots are a big staple right now (I have ones myself that look very much like these!). The burgundy long coat and the golden necklace and black and golden bag are simple accessories that give something extra to the entire look! If you want to mix metals, do so! I love mixing but for this look, I loved seeing just the burgundy, black and golden mixed together.


On this look, I was in love with this white comfy sweater and the stripy trousers. So I figured, I would put them together. Then, I decided I wanted a very relaxed, instagram-y look. So, I paired them with these cool trainers and the beige long coat. To finish off, adding the black rucksack, the pinky sunnies that match the shoes and the grey scarf, it just really gives the look a classy and easy-going touch, all at the same time!


This look is very simple but looks like you tried really hard, once again! The burgundy/bordeaux colour of the dress is once again very trendy. And these dungaree dresses are the easiest to wear! Add a black sweater underneath, ankle boots, and a jacket (I chose this grey-ish leather jacket because if you didn’t understand it yet, I love a good leather jacket in autumn/winter) and you’re good to go! I added the burgundy ankle socks and I’d wear them a little higher than the boots. The accessories are all golden, but once again, feel free to mix and match metals! (necklace, bracelet, stud earrings – come in a pack – flower earrings and black and gold earrings). I added all these suggestions because I just couldn’t decide what style I’d go for, however I wouldn’t wear a necklace + a bracelet + earrings. It can look easily heavy and it doesn’t go hand in hand with the ‘effortlessly chic vibe’ I’d go for. But you do you! And the pale pink bag goes very well with the rest of the look.


So far, I’ve only chosen trainers and boots, so I started off this look with these amazing black high heels. I love the straps around the ankles, it gives extra comfort when walking and it looks more elegant. Then, I paired them with these mum jeans with the rolled up legs and the mustard sweater. I love how the sweater has that knot which would work perfectly with high waisted jeans. Plus, the burgundy long jacket (this one looks much lighter than the other) and a golden necklace and the black bag. I would use this for an afternoon snack with friends or a date night.

And these are all the outfits I put together for this post! What do you think? Is there any of these you would definitely wear? I have to say my favourite is number 4. I love burgundy for autumn and I love the socks coming out of the boots trend right now. Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite look!

Happy Thursday, catreaders!

3 thoughts on “Autumn/Fall Lookbook!

  1. I absolutely agree! Burgundy is actually quite a nice colour. I love the look. This post was really great. Thanks for all the effort you put into these posts!

    1. thanks, love! this one was actually a difficult one! a lot of work, but I truly loved it! Glad you liked the looks too! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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