Inkbox – The Semi-Permanent Tattoos you need!

Hi, girlies! Welcome back! I’m so stocked to talk about this! I’ve been waiting for way too long to write this post! I’ve been trying Inkbox for the last few weeks and I ONLY have great things to say about these tattoos! Let’s start with first things first. When you buy a kit, this is all you get inside:


So, I got the freehand ink bottles, which as the name says, you can use and draw whatever you like. Every pack comes with a glove that you must wear during the application (trust me, use your glove! I did the silly mistake of removing it whilst in the last few minutes of pressing my tattoo and got ink on my palm…) It also brings full instructions and tips on how to make your tattoo look perfect and last longer!


This ink lasts for 8 to 18 days (as they advertise) and it is organic. You can pop to their website and read everything. Their customer support is also great, so just ask them if you have any questions! I also got a design of their own: the Casa Belli. You also get the glove, the design, a cloth and a wipe. Once again, you receive the instructions + tips on how to take care of it, but I took photos of the process to show it to you. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. If you have hair where you’d like to have your tattoo, remove beforehand.


Stick the design to your skin and gently remove the black sticker. Then, ALWAYS with your glove!, dab slightly using the wipe (seen in the photo below).


This is the tricky part now. You have to press it for 15 minutes. The first minute being the most important one and you need to apply the most pressure you can using the provided cloth (that you microwave for 20 seconds). From my experience, the cloth was a tad too warm once I touched it and pressed it against the sticker. However, the warmth quickly subsided after a minute or two. Keep pressing!


In the end, you can remove the sticker – yep, it does hurt! And you’ll see the design. Do not worry, the tattoo takes about 24-48h to fully develop! It is a pretty cool process to be honest! One of their tips is to moisturise it every day to keep it for longer. I did it in the first two days, and then completely forgot. (whooops!)


Just a few hours after, it looked like this:


And 1 day and a half later, it fully developed into this:


I loved it! I have to say that to all my T1Ds, this is an amazing solution if your doctor advises you to not get a tattoo. This is what happened in my case for the first 3 months of being diagnosed! So, I decided I wanted to try this. First of all, I could decide if I truly love the design and place of a tattoo. Secondly, I could get used to the tattoo being there. I’ve always wanted one, but it’s a very big commitment for me, so I want to feel 100% comfortable with what I would do! It’s super believable as well. If you check my Instagram, I posted a photo of it and everyone thought it was a real one! And in my case, it lasted for exactly 8 days before it started fading.

This was 11 days after I first applied it.

I, then, of course, wanted to try the freehand bottles! So, I decided I would, obviously, do the Type 1 symbol. Which is definitely one of the tattoos I will get. Please keep in mind, I do NOT have any drawing skills… I decided I would draw it first with a black pen and then go over it with the ink. I also drew a tiny circle on my wrist, you know, just like the cool models all have. I let it be for 1 hour, per recommended, and washed it all gently. This is immediately after washing:


I was really scared. Everything had gone away! I thought it wouldn’t work as well as their design as was a little disappointed! However, look what I saw just 3 hours later!



Wasn’t I surprised to actually see these?! Again, sorry for my great skills! But, again, I loved it. It truly is an easy way to feel and try what you love. Work out what things you love or not. I have now decided I do not like seeing a tattoo on my wrist as I always thought I’d love! I do like it on my fingers, even though not this one (I used it only for it being the easiest one to let dry). I highly recommend these tattoos! I would love for you to tell me if you love them too and if you’ve tried them on! The prices are really good too! Check out their website to know more and ask me if you have any other questions!

Happy Friday, it’s the weekend, catreaders!


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