Working out | Diabet’Series

Hi, everyone! It’s a Monday, the start of a fresh new week! How is today going for you? The bad weather has arrived and it’ll stay, apparently. Yesterday, it was so windy, I thought my windows would be knocked off. But even with disgusting weather outside, I’ve been trying to keep a certain rhythm when it comes to exercising.

I wanted to include this post on this series because it is so much more difficult for us, diabetics, to exercise. I’ll explain why. Before exercising, we should measure our glycaemia. If it’s low, we can’t exercise and we need to eat. If it’s really high, the body can start producing ketones and we can go into DKA, which is awful and most likely we end up in the hospital. So, as you can see, just the beginning can be difficult. I like to exercise in the morning, after I’ve had my breakfast, about 45min-1h after. This way, I ensure I ate and I’m not going to be either too low nor too high (breakfast for me and before lunchtime is always great). If it’s an intensive workout and it lasts for an hour or longer, I will check during, but usually I’ve been doing 30-40 minutes and a good 20 minutes of those is to focus on weight lifting or specific exercises. I was very scared to start working out because of the possible lows you get afterwards, I read the craziest stories and that really got me. However, I’ve been doing pretty fine. I sometimes notice lower values, but nothing to be scared of the actual training. It is very important for diabetics to exercise regularly, and this is me, giving my best at that. I’ve been feeling sore but more energetic and happy. I actually do more when I workout, I work more and feel more productive. So there you go! I hope this helps some of you understand it might not be so black and white for everyone when it comes to exercising. Just a gentle reminder!

Happy new week, catreaders!

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