Essence Haul, cat or not?

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? So, I decided I really want to do a kind of ‘hot or not’ of some Essence beauty products I got. I called it ‘cat or not’, you know, because this is A Reading Cat. Is this a good name? Do you have any cool ideas? For just this one, I’m going to let it be! I’ve used Essence ever since I started playing around with make-up when I was probably around 14. I really liked it and it was always very simple to use. I decided a few months ago I should get back into using it because Essence is cruelty free! So cheap, good products, and cruelty free. So, I’ve been trying these bits and bobs for the last month, so I could write this post and tell you all if they’re worth it or not (in my humble opinion!)

I order these off a German website ‘Kosmetik4less’ and the shipping was pretty fast and everything came intact and very well packed!


These are all the products I got!


So, on the left of the picture, we have a foundation brush, a lipstick and a powder. This foundation brush is e-ve-ry-thing! I’ve been loving it! I’ve only used a beauty sponge (from Sephora) for the last 8 months, but I decided I wanted to try this brush when I saw it. It has very short, tight hairs, which makes it perfectly dense to apply and blend your foundation! And the price… perfect!

Then, I bought two nail polishes, this camouflage concealer and an eyeshadow pencil. The concealer is quite good, nice coverage and it doesn’t crack under my eyes. I usually set it with one of the powders I got, which I’ll talk about below.

I also REAAAALLY wanted to try the Rock ‘n’ Doll mascara because it is Tati approved! YEP! She has said wonders about this and I do too! I’m totally sold! It makes my eyelashes extremely long – focus on the ‘extremely’ – and it’s very easy to apply. The only con I have to say about is that I can’t use this brush on my lower lashes, it’s just gets product everywhere! So, be careful with that! I had a finishing spray that gives me an illuminating, dewy look, so I needed a matte finish. I decided to get one from Essence, because it is so cheap and I wanted to try first if I’d like to matte look on me. It smells nice, it goes on easily and is absorbed by the skin quite well. However, it hasn’t lasted on my skin an entire day and I always end up with shine coming through my forehead and chin at the end of the day.

The powders! I had tried this anti-spots compact powder before and I loved it! It really made a difference in my skin and some days, I would only use it by itself. I have not used it since I repurchased it this time, because I bought the mattifying powder and I’ve been using this one ever since. It’s not great. It kind of clings to imperfections on your skin and it easily cakes your face. I’ve tried it on top of many different foundations, with different brushes and even my beauty sponge, but I don’t love it. I’m currently without any other powders, so that is why I continue to use this one. If you’re looking for some recommendations, I used to love the Catrice transparent powder!

I got these 2 nail polished in 68 Free Hugs and 84 Olive you. I mean, these names, right?! The 68 is a brown with greyish undertones, and the 84 is olive. I’ve used and tested both. The 68 wears really well and I had no problems with it. My nail polish usually lasts for 8-10 days without any retouches. The 84, on the other hand, starts chipping on day 3! I was disappointed. I know, it’s cheap. It’s easily fixable. Yes. But I will not do my nails every 3 days. If I have many others – and literally ALL others – from many brands that last for a minimum of 8 days, I will not come back for the 84… I love the colour though!

I also got 3 lipsticks and the eyeshadow pencil I talked about before! I got the 11 Cherry Sweet lipstick, the 21 Très Chic longlasting lipstick, the 02 Peony Star Velvet Stick and the eyeshadow pencil is 01 Be my Highlight! I’ve swatched these below so you can properly check them out! I am obsessed about lipstick. I wasn’t until a year ago. I don’t know why, but I NEVER used lipstick and then, all of a sudden, I started wearing it, EVERY DAY! I also have a big collection right of about 40 lipsticks – mattes and lipglosses, etc – and I actually find it ridiculous! But…I keep buying more! The 11 is a nice lipstick, does the job basically, but I do not like the colour, so I’m giving it away. The 21 is super creamy and light on the lips, the colour is beautiful for winter and it does last for a good amount of time! I love the it doesn’t stain your lips, so when it comes off, it doesn’t leave those weird marks. The velvet stick is as the name says, velvety! I wore this every single day for a few weeks! The problem is that it ends pretty quickly! I mean, 15-20 times of wear is not enough. I want a product that lasts longer. It was a twisty thing at the bottom, but it doesn’t actually twist, so I reckon it’s finished. Do you know if it actually has more product even when it looks like it ended? Anyway, the eyeshadow pencil is super pretty and glittery. I use it in the middle of my eye, close to the eyelashes (sometimes on its own) and it’s a simple, beautiful way to create a quick eye-look!

And these are my new products from essence! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you’d like to! And let me know if you know how to twist the velvet stick to make more product come out!

Happy Wednesday, catreaders!

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