Inspirational chats 003

Hi, friends! As I’ve been really enjoying these, I thought about making them a weekly post. I love being inspired by others. Motivational talks and TED talks usually get me very productive! I always make sure to watch a couple every week, or you know, every day! The one I chose today is a very simple one, short, but important! I didn’t understand this simple concept until I was much older and had had a few relationships. Even though it’s really clear, I’m sure many people struggle seeing the reality of this. I don’t like this is aimed only at men, because it obviously works in both ways. If one is interested in you, one WILL give you their time. We can ALWAYS choose what to do with our time. We choose to be busy working late, we choose to be doing laundry or washing dishes. And yes, life is not that simple and there are things we need to do. However, we ALWAYS have the choice! I will choose to watch a movie instead of washing the dishes. I will choose to write a post instead of doing homeword. We choose. So, the person who will choose you is the person who will want to stay.

Have a happy Friday, catreaders! 😻

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