FreeStyle Libre | Diabet’Series

Hey! Welcome back! Today, I want to talk about the FreeStyle Libre! This is an amazing invention that changes many people’s lives. To check the scientific, technical information, please check the links I provide below.

The FreeStyle Libre has ‘many of the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), including real-time glucose values, trend information and comprehensive reports.’

How it works: ‘To use FreeStyle Libre, users take a touchscreen reader device, hold it near (within 1.5 inches) the sensor patch, and wait for it to beep. In less than a second, they can see their real-time glucose value (e.g., 102 mg/dl), a glucose trend arrow (e.g., rising), and a trend graph showing the last eight hours of data.’

Highlights: ‘Hitting the single button on the touchscreen reader immediately turns it on and brings up the “Scan Sensor” menu. From there, holding the reader within 1.5 inches of the sensor obtains the real-time value/trend and past eight hours of glucose information (displayed on a line graph, just like traditional CGM). The scanning process works through many layers of clothing(…)’

‘The reader also includes a built-in FreeStyle blood glucose meter for the few cases where Abbott recommends a confirmatory fingerstick (hypoglycemia, fast rates of change, when symptoms don’t match the reader).’

Links here and here! Read these to get more information if you’re looking into buying one! I’m very lucky that here in France this is covered by social security and that I’m getting one of these in January! It will be so much easier to control diabetes and to help me with an almost normal life!

Happy Monday, catreaders!


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