Hair masks I use!

Hi, everyone! It’s finally Friday and the weekend is here! I can’t tell you how happy I am this week’s finally over! And because my weekend will start with some pampering and ‘me’ time, I want to share with you what treatments I’ve been using for my hair.

First of all, I’d like to say that I started to wash my hair only twice, maximum thrice a week probably in the beginning of last year. It was extremely difficult to limit my washes to 2 or 3 a week, but I can guarantee you it’s the best for your hair! My dad’s a hairdresser, by the way. He taught me many things over the years, even though I NEVER cared for my hair. I washed it with shampoo, any shampoo and air-dried it until last year. I hated masks and extra fussiness hair-related. So, 2-3 washes a week, tops!

Then, I really like using ONCE a week this hair mask in the shower. It’s from Les Petit Marsellais and it works very well for me. It’s given my hair a bit more of shine and it looks healthier, especially after I dyed it. It’s very quick to use and I apply it only to my ends – never the roots! You don’t want your hair to look oily and flat. I don’t have split ends, but my hair was looking very dry before I started using this.


I also use this hair oil from Yves Rocher. It’s natural and it smells amazing. I probably use it once every 2 weeks, but I would like to use it once a week. I put it all over my hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The only problem is after rinsing and drying it, my hair looks a bit oily, so I only use this product if I’m not leaving the house the same day.


I also use green clay. I buy it in powder, add a bit of water and just press the mixture into my hair and let it sit for half an hour or 40 minutes. Clay is amazing for our skin and hair and it works very well if you use it weekly.


And that’s all! I mean, I have to say it’s not much and I’m definitely not the best at taking care of my hair, but I’ve been giving it my best and it has helped! Oh, I also wash my hair with warm water – this helps remove dirty – but always finish with a 30 seconds freezing cold water rinse, to help keep my natural oils and shine.

Are there any tips or tricks you use in your hair care? Let me know!

Happy FRIYAY, catreaders!

3 thoughts on “Hair masks I use!

  1. Nice post I’m not exactly the sort of person who fusses their hair either. I shampoo it and condition it and that’s about it. Maybe I should try out some different stuff on my hair xxx

  2. I’ve used conditioner since a very small child, and so every time I wash my hair I tend to use it, mostly because it gives your hair a nice smell.

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