Planning Christmas Gifts – for HER!

I’m actually just going to show you my wish list right now. So, basically, if your girlfriend/friend/mum/daughter/aunt/niece… even a man in your life, honestly, if they’re anything like me, they’ll love this! And if you don’t know me that well, it doesn’t matter, this post will give you some gift ideas! I have a huge selection from accessories, clothes, books, make-up, etc! Have a look!

I need a better place for all my rings and this unicorn dish is just too adorable to pass on! Buy it for the cutest person you know! here

Capture d’écran (359)

I have my eye on this handbag. Even though it doesn’t look that practical, I love the colours for autumn/winter! here

Capture d’écran (360)

As the handbag, I’ve had these boots in my wish list for a few months now! I haven’t bought them myself because I decided to purchase other things first. But these are a great gift! They’re so trendy right now and look very comfy! here

Capture d’écran (362)

It’s almost winter and I really need a parka! This is a super cute one I found on ASOS and it’s actually not expensive! A perfect gift! here

Capture d’écran (363)

This mug because I love coffee. And y’know, ‘I can’t adult today’ should be a statement for everyone over 23 – just cos I’m 24 now! here

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I’ve been in love with wearing watches, yet again. And I’ve been getting a few. This one is sleek and simple. I love it. It feels like a very nice and thoughtful present. here

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A bag is essential but what I love about this one is the red detail popping out from the sides. here


And of course, for a book lover, why not the Kindle? I have to say I love the touch of a real book, but I have been considering getting one of these for a very long time! I think I would buy this and still read real books too! here

If I’m looking into make-up, these are the ones I really want to buy!


The Urban Decay Heat Palette, because, look at these colours! here


Or the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette! Stunning powders! here

Books. Any book. A thousand books. I will always appreciate a new book. I do have a list on Amazon, if you fancy a look, but any book makes me happy!

Do you have a wish list? Is there any present I should’ve mentioned? To be fair, these are my preferences and I’m sure most girls would love something else, but I needed to do this from the heart, you know? So, I needed to choose whatever makes me happy and hopefully whatever would make some of you happy too!

Happy shopping, catreaders!




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