Hello, December! + GOALS!

Hi, December! I’ve been waiting for you anxiously! I love how happy everyone is around this time and how lively the streets get! It truly is a magical time of the year and you seem to forget or put aside anything bad that has happened throughout the year.

In December, I don’t have specific goals. I have things I want to do, but I don’t want to call them goals this month. It feels like they’re a chore and I don’t feel this way about them. I want to see my family and friends. I want to see my dad, who I have not seen in months. And all my family too. I want to have quality time with my best friends and close friends. I asked my students the other day, if they have a certain goal or project, how do they want to achieve it! And I also have an answer to this. I will spend Christmas with my family. A perfect time to see everyone and share stories. And I have planned a dinner with close friends too. So there you go. My wishes – such a better word, right? – in December are simple but we sometimes forget to enjoy the company of the ones that matter the most. Being so far and so busy lately, I definitely need some cosy time with people I love.

What about your plans/goals/wishes for December? Do you have any? Is this time of the year a special one for you or exactly the same as the other months?

Happy December, catreaders!


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