Travelling | Diabet’Series

Hello, readers! Thank you for coming back for another Diabet’Series! Today I want to talk about travelling and diabetes. I was really scared about travelling and everything this involves diabetes wise. I am a stress freak and have been long before I was diagnosed. Nowadays, just thinking about everything I need to pack plus every normal item… let’s just say it’s no picnic. I was in Frankfurt this weekend and even though it’s relatively close to where we live, I was always worrying I had forgotten something! Even after checking for the 5th time. Also, where do you keep your used needles?? I’m not taking the huge yellow bucket with me every time I’m travelling. No way. I still haven’t found the perfect way to put them after use. Let me know if you have any tips! And are you also stressed when travelling due to the diabetes?

Happy monday, catreaders!

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