You need to get these for the new year!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to A Reading Cat! Today, I’m very excited and proud, I have to admit, about what I’m going to show you. Lucy is an amazing person and I’ve been following her social media accounts for a little over a year now. I’ve been girl crushing a little ever since, but for the love of god, her life is a mirror of mine! Even her very dashing boyfriend looks like L. Crazy. Anyway, I want you all to support her amazeness and check out her merch-not-merch (as Lucy called these in a very Luc-ious way!). They’re these cool pins that you can wear yourself or offer your best friend, mum or grandma! You can also check out her YouTube channel if you’re currently broke due to the holiday season! But hey, you definitely need these next year, so make sure to purchase them then! And yes, you can thank me later for introducing this *beaut* into your life!

Happy pin shopping, catreaders!

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