After You by Jojo Moyes

Hello again, friends! Welcome back! A book review has been long-overdue on A Reading Cat and even though, I’ve been reading less than I’d hope for, I haven’t stopped. I really wanted to share this book with you, fully knowing I’m quite late for this party. After You has been out for so long but I only managed to collect myself and buy it a few months ago. The first part of this sequel was a train wreck for me. It took me weeks to finally be able to move on to another book, and I was deadly excited but also mortified to read the second one.

After You is a full blast tear shed from the first page. As you keep turning them, the tears turn into sobs and the sobs into phone calls and love messages to your loved ones. Am I selling this right? I hope I’m not scaring you away, please do read After You. It will pull your heart strings like a Catrin Finch playing her chords. But when it’s all done and read (see what I did there? A little humour to lighten this post), I promise you you will love Jojo Moyes with your whole heart and plead her to write yet another one.


In After You, we see a drifting Louisa, being swooshed away like a kite in a gush of wind. She’s unhappy, she has no direction nor goal in her life, and she’s just there, in your book’s pages, just living. If you’ve experienced any kind of lost, this book is the book for you. Moyes does not try telling us how to live or how it’s correct to live. Instead, she shows us a bunch of people, who are all, in their own very personal way, trying to survive an incredible loss that left them lost. If you haven’t read the first book, Me Before You, stop right now and start with that one. It’s happy in its own way, but you will cry too.

The journey we accompany in After You is both earth-shattering and exquisite. Alongisde Louisa, we learn to live again. We’re ripped apart from safe, from what we identify in and we’re pulled into a world where forgiveness, in specific forgiving ourselves, love, friendship, adulthood and dreams all mesh together and we’re left with just life. If I were to rate this book, I’d give it a 6 out of 5. I’ve told you this will break you in tiny little pieces but there is a purpose. There is a goal. It will teach more than you’d ever dreamed of or hoped for. It will rebuild you and you will not know what to do with yourself for a couple of weeks, but trust me, you’ll come out better. Stronger. More positive and loving. You’ll come out living.

me before you

Tell me in the comments if you’ve read it and what were your thoughts on it. *Don’t give anything away though, there might be people who have not yet read it.*

Happy readings, catreaders!

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  1. Oooh, I haven’t read this yet, but it certainly sounds interesting. I will be sure to have a box of tissues beside me if I do read this. Thanks for sharing this post. πŸ™‚


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