Meandering in Frankfurt

Hi, friends! How are you doing in this chilly weather? I think I mentioned this before, but I’m having to learn how to dress all over again. Layers and more layers and what kind of layers and what nots. I can’t believe how lucky I was growing up in a 80%-great-weather-country! Even though, snow is beautiful and fun! And speaking of which, Frankfurt had lots of snow 3 weekends ago and I LOVED being there! I wanted to share with you some cool photos but also a lovely ‘meandering’ in Frankfurt sort of post. I went to Frankfurt not knowing two of my best friends would surprise me and spend the weekend with me! We mainly chatted and ate, but I did find the time to snap a few pictures along the way!


The Christmas market was so crowded we couldn’t even walk a meter in under 3 minutes. We still managed to get in a few drinks and walk around a few stands. I regretted not buying some tea from there though because I love buying tea at the Christmas markets! You can see now a few photos of ourwalk from our Airbnb to the city centre. By the way, our Airbnb was amazing! Really cosy and the host was great too! This is the link if you fancy a lil trip to Frankfurt and still don’t know where to stay!

The weather was chilly but the sky so blue beautiful. We just really walked around the city and into the market. I had a bratwurst for the first time ever and my friend a long sticky thing. To drink I had hot chocolate and they all drank hot wine. Good choices!




And the last day, on Sunday, it snowed so much!!! It was beautiful. I had never really seen that much snow and was thrilled, hence these photos…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! L chose Frankfurt for it being the easiest city for us all to travel to and not necessarily for its attractions. However, I really enjoyed it and would go back for a chilled weekend. Have you ever been to Frankfurt? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!

Happy travels, catreaders!



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