Christmas Looks!

‘Tis the holiday season, friends! And with the holidays, you’ll need new outfits! Well, not exactly, but if you’re reading this, chances are, you actually want to buy a new outfit for Christmas or all those dinners, or New Year’s Eve even? If you’re looking for dashing, dropdead looks, come back in a few days, I will have prepared a specific post just for New Year’s Eve looks! Today’s all about those reds, burgundies, cherries and tomatoes colours! I went to H&M, Zara and Asos and tried creating a list that would all wallets. And likes. I mainly found dresses, but I really love a good dress for a dinner party, especially around the holidays.

Let’s start with H&M where I found these very festive earrings.


I love them! And a pair like this can really jazz up any outfit. Instead of starting with my ending dresses list, I’ll show you this playsuit first.


It is beautiful and SO comfy! It would be perfect for this season. A leather jacket on and you’re ready to party! And look at this lace dress!


I love this colour! I’d throw on a pair of high-knee boots to make it more winter-y! And the last one from H&M is this chiffon dress.


It has beautiful details on the neck line and torso and it is a very simple model that you could wear any other time of the year. Now, I’ll move on to Zara. I first found this embroided dress.


How stunning is this? I love, love, love this one! These boots, I’d ditch, but even the bag she’s carrying suits the look. I really love this one! Or if you prefer a bit more of a body-hugging dress, I chose this cross body dress.


The detail on this one is just perfect. I love the way the buckles are shown on the side! The metal just give a really cool vibe. Isn’t it perfect? And the last brand is ASOS. I chose this asos dress.

Screenshot-2017-12-20 ASOS PETITE - Robe cache-cœur courte avec manches doubles évasées at asos com

It’s a deep burgundy, one of my favourite colours, it’s cheap, and it’s still insteresting enough if you don’t go for the simplest dresses. The deep V neckline may not be of everyone’s liking though. I would feel that too much is showing with chest, legs and even arms, but it is a nice, beautiful dress. This next one is probably one of my favourites on this list. It’s this dress from Chi Chi London.

Screenshot-2017-12-20 Chi Chi London Petite - Robe mi-longue en dentelle festonnée de première qualité at asos com

I love it. That’s it. It’s definitely in my top 2 of this list. I love the wavy shape on the neckline and the spaghetti straps, the length, I love everything. I would prefer a deeper red personally, but this one is beautiful too. It is an expensive dress, but these would be one of those that you keep and rewear for different events. Then, I chose a more casual style of dress because you want to be comfy but at the same time look like you put in a little effort, so here you have this checkers dress.

Screenshot-2017-12-20 New Look - Robe chemise à carreaux coupe évasée at asos com

I’d for sure use it any other time of the year, so I think this is why I needed to include it here! It can be dressed up with a leather jacket, black boots, some rose gold accessories, tie up a part of hair, throw on some hoops… I like the sound of that! Alright, the last Christmas look I have for you today is my sister’s pick! I wanted to make sure I have a broad choice of dresses to show you, so I asked her to choose one too! This one I call the B dress.

Screenshot-2017-12-20 ASOS Petite - Robe courte en néoprène avec haut court à bordure ornementée at asos com

I have to say I actually really like this one too! It’s so simple, yet the top part gives it the extra touch and that’s all you need. Again, dress it down, dress it up, it goes both ways and those are my favourite kinds of dresses. What did you think of my list? Do you like any of these choices? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Christmas shopping, catreaders!



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