Last minute Christmas Shopping!

Hi! Welcome back! So, you clicked on this link because you haven’t made all your Christmas shopping. Not to worry! I’m here to help! Every year, the best way to be prepared for this giving season is by buying and wrapping extra gifts. I’ll explain! There will always be someone showing up at your doorstep, who you were not counting on. I like to buy a few chocolate boxes and wrap them, just in case this happens! A habit I got from my dad! Then, if you have some friends or family members who you have no clue what to get and therefore are now needing to click on a link named ‘Last minute Christmas shopping’, don’t panic! You can also find a few things for them, without overthinking it! I like to get bundles or 2 for 1 gifts.


What I mean is you can easily find crackers or gift sets like shower kits or beauty kits for cheap and sometimes with the 2 for 1 promotions! Check out Sephora or even ASOS or Amazon if you’re buying online. If you’re getting them in-store, which is your best option price wise, check your local drugstore or supermarket. I know Boots does this too, for example! I used this link at Sephora to help me decide on a few last ones.

Good luck, catreaders!


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