Christmas Traditions in Porto!

Hi, everyone! So, it shouldn’t be news here that I was born in Porto, Portugal. Today I decided I would talk a little about how we celebrate Christmas around here. First of all, this is a big family celebration. We always spend it with our families, and not just the closed ones, I mean, everyone in the family! We also usually spend it with the father’s side of the family on one year, and the mother’s side on the next. Some families are smaller, so they always get to spend it together, but my family is really big.

We have codfish and boiled potatoes and a lot of kale on Christmas Eve. On the 25th, the traditions change and people eat turkey, lamb, etc. We prefer having roast turkey for lunch and then for dinner we make a dish with the cod leftovers. Personally, I don’t like cod, but this is the tradition and I needed to write about it, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about Portugal. We also share gifts and the children in the family are incredibly spoiled during the season. I remember my time and it was brilliant!


Mainly, we eat a lot and spend these 2 days with family. We drink a lot too and laugh and reminisce. It’s a nice holiday. It’s one of my favourite times of the year because I get to spend it with my loved ones and come back to Porto, even if it’s for only a little while.

Happy holidays, catreaders!

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