Dealing with the holidays & temptations | DiabetSeries

Hello! How was your Christmas? How did you spend it? I had the best time with my family. And even ate a nice dinner and desserts! During the holidays, and these were my first after being diagnosed, it is very difficult to avoid getting tempted by this huge table full of yummy food. I have to say that it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought. My family always makes tons of desserts and the table is filled with sugar right in front of everyone’s eyes… and mouths! Despite being tempting and yes, a little difficult, I guess, I didn’t think about it much. I had dessert on Christmas Eve and on the 25th for lunch AND dinner. Yes, I controlled my carb intake and made it fit. And that’s what’s important. I actually had a hypo after dinner on the 24th, I guess I was too strict and had a whole lot less. But it was ok in the end. And I was ok. I ate and I survived. And a big plus of having diabetes is that I actually don’t overeat, nor even during the holidays and I won’t gain weight. I guess we just need to find a pro in everything in life. I’ll take this as mine for the moment.

Happy holidays, catreaders!

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