Getting back to my routine

Hi, everyone! Let me welcome you properly to the new year! I hope you’re all doing fine cos I’ve been ill for the last 8 days. I thought I was getting better a couple of days ago, but clearly not. This is why I’m getting to you later than usual, I’m just not doing my best right now and had to delay this post a little. But I’m thrilled about 2018. Last year wasn’t really the best year for me and I’m more than ready to put it past me! I’m ready to embrace 2018 and all my new goals (you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already!) So, this is my getting back to my routine post.

It’s going to be harder to write about this because with being sick, I haven’t really gotten back to my routine at all. I’ve been eating very blend, liquidy foods and just laying in bed most of the day. But I’m looking forward to getting my body back to its natural rhythm and eating my normal foods again. The holidays were great and I did enjoy a little dessert on Christmas Eve and day – and on New Year’s too! – but I know my body is not used to this much sugar in such a short period of time, so I owe it to myself and my health to get back into my lovely routine. This has to do with diabetes, if you weren’t aware. None of those crazy new year diets! Anyway, I hope I feel better soon so I can fully get back to my routine and I’ll see you lovely bunch tomorrow at the same time as always!

Happy 2018 (I can get away with saying this for the next week, can’t I?), catreaders!

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