Sales! What to buy

Hi, everyone! So, sales have started. And it’s madness! I promised myself I would go shopping in the first few days of sales, but oh well, guess who spent the entire afternoon in a shopping center yesterday? That would be me!


I do have some tips on what to buy on sales though! First of all, do NOT buy anything you don’t really need. Yes, it’s so easy to be sucked in and purchase a thousand things that you totally don’t need, so before you go in with the masses, just make a little list of what you want. I mean, if you have a few hundreds to spend, by all means, go for it, but in my case, I did need a few things and I was waiting til the sales to get them. So, I came up with my own list. Once at the shopping mall, I was easily attracted to all the shiny, cosy jumpers and deco and art… yes, so I really – and I cannot highlight this enough – stick to my list! Another thing I saw yesterday is that many brands have 20% off, which is ok, but not great! And stay clear of Zara or Mango, those discounts are NOT worth it! If I wanted to pay 35€ for a jumper, I’d buy it any time of the year. I entered shops that had 50% off and did not purchase anything that was over 9€. This is my personal take on the sales anyway, if you have any other tips for other readers, write them down below! 🤗🤗

Happy sales, catreaders!

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