Planning a holiday trip! (the cheapest way)

Hi, everyone! How is your week going? As you might remember, I don’t really like Tuesdays so I decided I needed to write a fun post today to cheer me and, hopefully, you up! Today I’d like to talk about planning a holiday trip! I’ve been planning trips for a while now and I absolutely love it! I honestly love the process and time it takes to get everything ready and organised so I thought I would share this process with you all today!

First things first, I choose the flights. If I don’t have anywhere in mind and want to spend the least possible, what I always do is check skyscanner. I choose the airport that is more convenient for me and to “everywhere”, as you can see from the picture below.


Then, I usually choose the entire month because the prices will vary a lot and this way I can actually see what dates would suit me best. You can also choose the cheapest month:


You then get to a page that might look a little like this:


From here, I open new tabs with every country I’m interested in. And go from there to choose the dates and prices and even best times to fly to enjoy the most time in the said country. What I do next what surprise some of you, but I don’t actually buy the flights out of skyscanner. I check the airlines selling the tickets I want and buy them directly from them. This is my personal way of making sure I pay the least amount possible and airlines show you the prices as they are, not adding extra fees that you’ll only see when you’re leaving checkout. This method has worked very well for me so far!

The next thing I do, or let’s say, even before purchasing the tickets, I check transportation costs in whatever countries I’m interested in flying to. I check costs from the airport to the city centre and I check Airbnb and hotel prices. Especially in Europe, I have a good idea of the cost of living of each country, but this changes a lot between cities, so I like to check everything beforehand. I add costs to the city centre and underground/weekly transportation passes to the overall flight price, so I don’t get any surprises when spending money or saving for the trip.

I personally like to use Airbnb because I like the fact that we can cook, pure and simple. I like the privacy but most importantly, I love having the option of eating in some of the days, or pretty much, have breakfast in the apartment/house instead of spending extra money in a restaurant or café. I also try to choose an Airbnb outside the city centre if the transportation is good around the place, so I can get to the centre easily and fast.

And when preparing for the trip, I check places to visit with free entrance or discounts for under 26-year-olds. Many cities have these discounts, so look for them! I purchase a bottle of water in a supermarket and just refill it and usually take some snacks with me from home. If I don’t, I get them from a supermarket too. And obviously, I spend money on good food and drinks and anything special that city has to offer. But to be able to splurge a little on some things, I save the most on others. Oh! And souvenirs. Those cost a lot! Especially if you buy them on your last day of holiday and you’re trying not to forget anyone! So, buy them as you go! If you have a weekend, buy them on the first day. Most likely you’ll forget someone and you’ll need to buy something else on your 2nd and last day!

free admission stamp

And these are my little tips for you bunch wanting to travel on a budget! Please let me know and share with other readers if you have any other tips or advice on how to plan a trip successfully and making it cheap!

Happy travels, catreaders!

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