Favourite YouTubers atm!

Hi, everyone! I decided I would share with you my favourite youtubers at the moment! I have several and I kind of fall off watching some and a couple of weeks/months later, I start watching them again. The ones I’ve been following/watching their videos for a while and always love (even if I don’t watch every single video of them) are Tanya Burr, Nicole Guerriero, Gabriella Lindley, Alfie Deyes, and many others. I am actually subscribed to many channels and I watch different people and types of videos! Right now, I’ve been a little obsessed with cleaning videos… I know, right? Not the typical content YouTube is known for, but I love them!

And right now, I’ve been watching these Youtubers non-stop! Every single day, I watch one of their videos or whenever they post basically. If I miss one or two, I watch them all at once during the weekend!

Lucy Wood


So, Lucy is that youtuber who’s incredibly relatable and I believe we would be best friends if we got to meet one another! 🤞🤞 (fingers crossed!) She makes videos about real life and being an adult swimming in a big pool of sharks, she’s friendly and loveable! If you need to escape your personal life, dive into her videos and you’ll make a friend within 3 minutes!




westbrook-tati-imageTati knows all about make-up and beauty! I trust her my eye palettes and brushes! 😆 She’s the one who I’ve been learning from in the last few months and I absolutely love her motivation, knowledge, and you know, she throws in her husband sometimes and he’s the best thing you’ll see today! He’s a sweetheart and make us all dream for a man just like him. (And this is just a bonus! Her make-up skills are bomb!)


Lydia Elise Millen


Lydia is a lovey! She’s honest, gorgeous and very relatable too! She likes designer brands and purchase things I can’t even dream of right now, but I watch her videos because of her personality. I especially love her vlogs or sit-down videos, where she chats away and we get to know her a little more!



Olivia Jade

olivia-jade-how-got-started-vloggingI would never think I would like to watch Olivia’s videos. She looks like a sweetheart but I thought she’d be too young for me to like her videos. I was wrong. I actually watch them every single day! I just do! She’s funny and I mean, I love Full House + Fuller House, so I just had to watch her videos with her mum! She’s cool, she’s hip, she’s with the kids and I feel old, so I needed her in my life to keep me in with the cool crowds! 😎


Lily Pebbles

fa0e631c-f6d5-4d18-9979-1151a108a9f0I’ve been following Lily for 2 years-ish! I used to watch her videos all the time but as any of the other Youtubers, I just kind of stopped for a while and then she took a break and when she came back, I just couldn’t stop watching her videos again. I feel like she’s more in the grown-up side of the youtubers I follow and she knows life. She’s simple yet so creative and if I were to have a channel, it would definitely be like Lily’s or Lucy’s.


Sarah Rae Vargas


Sarah is the definition of power, intelligence and happiness. I’m so sure she’s helped many teenagers and young women and older women understand their beauty and accept themselves as they are. Sarah is the youtuber I go to when I’m in need of a little motivation or help – or just fun videos with all the toys and stuff… 👀 🙋‍♀️ She’s real and empowering and I think any woman would benefit from hearing some of her words, or again, just watching her videos for the fun of it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and my fave youtubers, catreaders! Let me know if you watch YouTube and who are your favourites!

Happy weekend, catreaders!

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