Favourite eye palettes atm!

Hi, catreaders! Welcome back for another week! As you know (and if you don’t, you’ll know from now on) I love Mondays! They’re really the perfect excuse to start fresh, forget about the previous and just be happy! I try to be positive in the beginning of the week because if we wake up on a Monday already dreaming about the weekend, we’ll have very sad 5 days ahead of us! So I love thinking positively and hope for the best!

I’ve been kind of loving the idea of writing about my favourites at the moment! And my favourite youtubers post did so well that I knew I wanted to write about my fave eye palettes at the moment! I don’t really have a huge collection of eye palettes to be honest. I am slowly creating my collection but I also prefer spending money on good skin care and foundations, so the few I have, I bought them in the last 2 years. The ones I’ll write about today are the ones I absolutely use every single time! And I don’t wear eye make-up every day, but twice or three times a week for sure! I sometimes feel like putting on eyeshadow for work and on the weekend I almost always have something on my eyelids! Right, so here are my favourites at the moment:

Zoeva Cocoa Blend

I love this palette so much! I use it almost every time I want to do eye make-up. I mostly use Sweeter End, Subtle Blend, Pure Ganache and Substitute for Love! I love these shades. They blend really well and the shimmers are great!

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Close Up Flash

Naked Heat

I mean, everyone is obsessed, right? I use the more neutral shades more often – the first 4 shades basically. I love no. 2 to use all over the crease and then add more intensity with a darker shade. A very quick but beautiful look!


Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Cheek Palette

I use the bronze shade all over my lid and off I go. Honestly, there’s nothing more simple than this and it actually looks incredible! Especially during Summer, this is definitely my go-to!


What eye palettes are YOUR favourites? Let me know!

Happy eyeshadows, catreaders!

6 thoughts on “Favourite eye palettes atm!

  1. I love the naked heat palette! I used to work for Urban Decay and I got to play with this palette every day! The amount of looks you can get from it is amazing, and it suits so many skin tones! I’m defo gonna have to get my hands on that Zoeva palette, that pinky/purple is speaking to me! Love this post! xx

    1. ohh thanks Sophie! and please do a few of those looks on your blog because I’d love to see them!! Urban decay for me is great with eyeshadows, I just really have an easy time blending everything and making it look good – and I’m by no means a professional! 😆 😆 and yeah! the cocoa palette is truly amazing too! 😍😍 xx

      1. yes I for sure will!! If you’ve got insta you should follow me cause I do little tutorials on there!! @muasophielouise ♥️ yes urban is too good, their eyeshadows blend like butter!! xxx

  2. I love these eye palettes so, so much, especially the Naked one. I’m much more of a lighter-shades kind of person as well 🙂 and I LOVE the colors of the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, they are gorgeous and so my kind of colors 😀

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