The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman

Hi, friends! Another book review was due here on A Reading Cat! I read The Life List a few months ago and if I remember correctly, I read it in 3 days. If you’re looking for an easy afternoon read, this might be it! This is the summary at the back cover of the book:

So, this story follows Brett, a young woman who from the outside seems to have the perfect life. She’s considered successful by many and works at her mother’s company. Her life seems put together and that’s the way Brett likes others to see it too. Though the story focus is on Brett’s life and her journey, it also deals with death and grief. This made me enjoy the book a little more. Even though Spielman doesn’t dwell on Brett’s mother’s death, she makes it evident that her death was felt and lived differently by every single member of their family. I extremely enjoyed this portrait of grief – different, unique to every individual, but grief nonetheless.Book on LG G5The narrative of this story is that Brett’s mother dies and consequently leaves a will saying Brett needs to complete her teenager’s dream list before she can get any of her mother’s money and work in her company again. From the beginning, this book shows hope and the attempt to achieve goals we had and locked in a very safe drawer just because life happens. I think that this will show many that sometimes our goals were not that stupid and can actually be accomplished if we still want them enough. Brett starts her journey, trying to complete her list and while doing so, she has to give up on some things she’s been used to her whole life. As we follow Brett on her discovery of life and her independence, we discover a little bit about ourselves too. We might even end up pushing away fears and start looking into achieving teenage dreams! I recommend this to anyone who’s maybe a little unsure about what path to take or someone who’s mourning a loved one. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you’ve read it before!

Happy readings, catreaders!


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