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Hi, catreaders! I’m thrilled to shared this new post with you! I love DIY projects and I had been looking into getting my hands dirty in an easy-cool-not-too-messy one! So, we bought this division (or bookshelf) for our living room last year. I hated it! When I bought it online, I thought it would be this beautiful matte mustard colour, and it ended up being just plain old light wood. Not pleased. I decided I would paint it myself. Now, it took me a while to actually do it, but in November last year, I finally bought paint and got paint brushes and sandpaper from my father-in-law and got to work!

What I used:

🖌 Paint brushes

🖌 Paint (I think we used a 1 litre can)

🖌 Sandpaper

🖌 Cardboard or magazines (to put on the floor)

I covered the floor with magazines and my division was not put together – not entirely anyways. I thought it would be a lot easier to paint everything with it being smaller and piece by piece. You can see it in the following photo that I used the sandpaper and then started painting.


To be honest, I was too excited about doing this and got bored just by thinking about sanding the entire piece, so I did one side and painted the rest just as it came from the shop. I’m not an expert and I thought it would be ok. It was! The paint went on very easily and the colour was uniform all over.


This was after one coat. I ended up doing 3 coats on the areas we’d see more, and only 2 on the ones we can’t see easily. You can see below how it turned out:










All in all, it took me a full week to finish this. I waited around 48h between each coat so it could completely dry and I didn’t do every single piece at the same time nor on the same days because this was quite big. It would take me about 30 minutes to paint a coat on these two pieces you see in the picture. I had another 2 on the side. I really had a lot of fun! If you’re new to this, just like I am, but you have fun doing artsy things, why not try and change something in your house? I promise you you’ll feel so proud once you finish, you’ll want to invite all your family and friends to come around to see it! Moreover, you’ll appreciate your home more because you literally added something to it yourself! Show me your DIYs, please! I’d love to see them! I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Happy DIYing, catreaders!

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