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Hi! Welcome back to A Reading Cat! Today I want to share with you an amazing app I’ve been using for more than half a year! The app is called ‘Happy Couple’ and was designed for couples who want to learn more about each other’s lives and relationship. I don’t think this app is for a specific kind of couple – either you’ve been dating/married for 1 month or 10 years, I really believe this will be equally fun and interesting for any relationship. I can’t even remember how I found this app but I can tell you I was really excited from day 1. So, you create a quick profile and send a request (by e-mail or maybe there are other options too?) to your loved one. You get a score as a couple that increases with the number of correct answers you both give. Obviously, the app allows you to get to know each other better. And it asks questions from various topics. You can see how the app looks like below:








And the questions will be multiple choice answers, just like this:


















So the same question is asked twice. Once about yourself and again so you can choose what you think your partner will answer. If I answer for example (using the questions in the previous pictures) “I would be happy to split it 50/50” and he answers that I would be happy to split 50/50, then as a couple we get a match, therefore 1 point! If we mismatch, obviously it’s zero points, but you get to know your partner all the same! And, guys, we do get a few mismatches but I’m really ok with it! It’s life! And I love any opportunity I get to get to know him better and to share with him my beliefs and thoughts.









Another cool thing is that you can then talk about why you mismatched and actually learn more about each other – and maybe even yourself! You can comment on whichever question, or you know, just talk to your partner directly. And then, another two amazing things that make me reeeeally love using this app are one, you actually get tips when you use the app! I honestly have taken time to think about a few of these! Some are obvious but you might be guilty of doing it nonetheless and these will help you take a step back and actually rethink about certain choices. (check some of them below!)

The second thing is that you can also send personal little notes to each other! The app sometimes asks you to complete a sentence about your partner. I think it’s ADORABLE!


And I think this is all I have to show you! I truly love using this app and we actually discuss some important topics that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I think it’s very healthy to communicate with your loved ones and if you’re not the best at initiating a conversation or you’re not very confident sharing your feelings, then this might be your answer! Let me know if you’ve ever tried anything similar and what are your genuine thoughts on this “Happy Couple’ app! I’d love to know!

Happy coupling, catreaders!


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