Favourite songs atm!

Hi, you lovely bunch! So you’re here because you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about me! Or, do you really need new songs added to your Spotify? In any case, welcome! What a beautiful day, what a beautiful way to start the week! Can you hear the birds chirping outside? (is this even a pun, considering I’m writing about music?)

So, I have to say I’m pretty boring when it comes to music. I don’t know ANY song lyrics, – even the ones I reeeeally love – I don’t know any song titles, and I listen to music whenever I’m taking a shower or in the car. You won’t find me earphones-in while going to work, you’ll find me book-in-hand while going to work. But I have a few favourites and they change every few months! If you’re interested, here’s my list!


Oh-my-god. Why. Well, even if it’s 6 am and I’m sleepy, if this song comes on the radio, I dance. My head fills in with a bunch of confetti and I feel like having a Piña Colada in my hand laying by the pool. It screams summer and summer makes me happy! (Also, L rapping to this song is the best thing ever!)


I’m a country music girl. Always, always. I imagine my wedding in a barn, cowboy boots under my dress, Southern accent, ahhhhhh. Per-fe-c-tion! You’ll see lots of country songs here.


Been in love with this one for a few months now. I just really love the lyrics, you know. That’s what pulls me in to a song. It’s the lyrics. I know many people are in love with the rhythm, the sound, but I fall in love with lyrics.


Love, love, love, love! I watched the documentary Demi did recently and I believe it explained what’s behind this song, the emotions, the raw feelings. Made me love this song instantly. Again, lyrics. I live for deep, beautiful stories told through music.


Fun! All the way fun. Spanish songs are what I dance to and it takes me back to summer nights with my besties in Portugal, dancing the night away. And I mean, Demi singing in Spanish, am I right? (Fonsi being the Pitbull of 2017…)


This song makes me happy just like the 1st one. I think I first heard it when Rita sang it on The Voice Germany? Now it’s always passing on the french radio, and I like it! Nice little song that makes you chipper for the day.


And obviously, obviously, Perfect. It means so much more than just being one of my favourite songs at the moment. Ed Sheeran has the gift of giving me a life description, my life description in his songs, in his voice.

There you have it! My top 7 songs at the moment! Yours? Let me know!

Happy singing, catreaders!

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    1. agreed! I do love the video for Thinking Out Loud though! Just dream of doing the same choreography in my wedding! 😅😅😅

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