BEST flight prices NOW!

Hi! I love doing these kind of posts! Honestly, it’s like I want to give maybe a little incentive and show you where you could think about travelling to, but at the same time, I’m doing some research for me! So, I decided to check the best prices at the moment flying from big airports here in Europe: Paris, Porto, Lisbon, Madrid, Frankfurt Am Main, Brussels (both), Luxembourg, Warsaw (both) and Helsinki (which unfortunately couldn’t be part of this because the cheaper flight was 59€; check below to see my rules). Now, obviously I couldn’t choose every single airport in Europe, but I decided to go with airports that are either close to me, or have a link to my life (for example, Warsaw and Helsinki, my best friends live there.) Ok, let’s go!

Just a few disclosures before we begin: I have only chosen direct flights, checked the entire month of February and made sure there were a few possibilities during this month, tried checking dates that would not exceed one week and no less than 3 days and gave myself the budget of 30€ for a return ticket!






If you’d like to see more connections and the cheapest flights, please let me know in the comments below and I can help you! Also, check my post about how to plan a holiday the cheapest way for more ideas on how to search yourself! Don’t forget that these prices are an overview of every possible date, and I obviously chose the cheapest return tickets, not being specific with dates. And, MAN, was I surprised about the amazing flights from Frankfurt!!!

Happy travels, catreaders!

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