My current foundation!

Hi! Welcome back to A Reading Cat! How’s your week going? Mine has started off on the wrong foot… But today is a new day and this one will be great! 😄 And to give it a little something extra, I’m going to tell you about my current foundation! The one I’ve been using for almost two months every single day! I had been looking for a nicer foundation for a while and I wanted something high-street so I could test those and see if I really felt a difference from others. The problem I was having with many other foundations I tried and used was that sometimes they dried around my nose and near my mouth. My skin is a little dry there, so I understand why it happened, but I really wanted something that wouldn’t dry as much.

I bought this one then:


I got it in a 170. I went to Sephora and looked at the Born this Way (Too Faced), Kat Von D one and the Fenty Beauty one. I felt that the Kat Von D was too much coverage for me and I still like feeling that it’s my skin when using a foundation. The Born this Way seemed really good but the shade from Fenty was just spot on. 👌


It is true all the hype that went on about it with all these great shades. I found one that almost matches my skin tone without having to apply it on my neck. It truly is an amazing foundation. It’s long lasting, it does not exaggerate my dry patches and it has good coverage. I feel like the skin absorbs it and not just sit on top of my face looking very fake. So I love that too. And so far, I’ve used it pretty much every single day for 50+ days, I use 3 pumps (to cover my neck and sometimes shoulders too) and I can tell it’s now half used. It costs 33€ and if it lasts for about 4 months, that’s around 8€ per month. I think this is ok. I thought about getting the Giorgio Armani one for example, but then I thought, if I love this, I’ll have to repurchase it and it hurts me paying 50+€ for a foundation… So, Fenty it is! And what a good job it’s done for me so far! 😍

Have you tried the Fenty Beauty foundation? What’s your current foundation? Let me know in the comments! 😎

Happy make-up days, catreaders!

Chat away!