Valentine’s Day Looks 2018!

Hi, catreaders! Oh my, if you could see how fast my fingers are typing on this keyboard, you’d fully understand my excitement! I love Valentine’s posts, and this year, I decided to write not 1, not 5 (like last year) but 10 posts about VDay! If you can’t stand this day, I’m sorry. But I love celebrating it, not because it is Valentine’s, but because it’s also an important anniversary for L and me. And I take full advantage of this madness in sales and see red all around me (pun fully intended) and I shop, shop, shop! We’re starting Valentine’s madness with looks. This might be the most difficult post to write because I have to be selective, but I can’t promise you won’t have to scroll down a thousand times until the post is finished. So… grab a tea or a cup of coffee, get your credit card out, and let’s do this!

Starting with anything from H&M! Because it’s affordable, cute and they deliver fast!

39,99€ here
49,99€ here
Body 24,99€ here; Blazer 59,99€ here; Trousers 49,99€ here; Shoes 59,99€ here
29,99€ here
24,99€ here

And if you didn’t like anything from what I’ve chosen so far, make sure to check out their Valentine’s tab on H&M here.

And now, to spice things up a little, Fashion Nova! If you want to see more from them, they also have a special Valentine’s here with almost 500 looks to choose from!

34,99$ here
34,99$ here
27,99$ here (just the top, but how perfect is this look!)
34,99$ here
22,99$ here
19,99$ here (there’s in RED too!)

And moving on to Urban Outfitters! I really loved these choices because I feel like they’re a lot more of an every day wear! And the first lingerie set, dream!

62,00€ here
59,00€ here
69,00€ here
8€ here (the pants only)
14,00€ here (the pants only)
19,00€ here

And going into Topshop! I had a little bit of difficulty finding things I would love for Valentine’s, but they do have great lingerie!

7,00€ here
20,00€ here
45,00€ here (the set)
48,00€ here (the set)
20,00€ here (the set)

And last but not least, Bohoo! And oh my, Bohoo does NOT disappoint! Please check their Valentine’s collection here – you will not regret it! Trust me!


I had to put these together, sorry! The links and prices are in order: 11,00€ for the T-shirt here (how cute is the entire outfit!); 28,00€ for the black dress here; 22,00€ for the jumpsuit here; 24,00€ for the red dress here.


13,00€ here (the set)

Wow! And this is it! If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re amazing! I love, love doing these kind of posts, even if they take a reeeeally long time! But I do love finding amazing clothes that others might love! Some of these are quite expensive, but others are really a bargain! If you didn’t find anything you loved, have a look on each website’s Valentine’s collection because they offer a lot more! I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you tomorrow for another Valentine treat!

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!

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