Valentine’s Day Treats!

Hi! Welcome to Valentine’s Day post 2! Today is all about the treats! Not actual food – that’s coming soon! – but treats you can have after dinner or throughout the day! How delicious is this?!I’ve gathered a few amazing treats from different bloggers, which I will obviously give the deserved credit below each picture. I haven’t decided yet which treat I’ll be making this year, so I thought it would be good for you – and me – to have a few to choose from! Let’s dive in!


This first one is just SO cute! I mean, look at this photo! They’re easy to make and will make devoured faster than you can make them! Check out the recipe here!


Can you imagine doughnuts cute enough that you could eat them all at once? Or on Valentine’s Day? Try making these! Recipe here.


And if you like doughnuts, what about these chocolatey ones? Oh my! (Yes, I remember my goal for February, but still!) And these are so simple to make! Check out the recipe here.med106461_0111_jar_cornmeal_cookie_vert

I chose these cookies, because if it scares you to see the other ‘fancier’ recipes, then this one should be incredibly easy! They look cute, not over-romantic but still Valentine’s appropriate! What do you think? Recipe here!


Keeping the simplicity, I chose this yummy peanut butter and jam cookies! These look extremely good! And again, very simple to make! Trust me, I’m not the best at baking! Recipe here.


Ok, now, these ones look difficult. Yes. To me, they look rather difficult to make! They’re not! Just a few steps! And the cute lettering on top is easily done too with food colouring and a paint brush… yes! I know, recipe is here!


Last but not least, and definitely my favourite of all these, strawberry nutella poptarts! SAY WHAT! These are INCREDIBLY easy to make! Have you noticed the note on this entire post yet? EASY, SIMPLE! I cannot be bothered with difficult recipes, especially not on Valentine’s Day, which is when I want to be relaxing on the couch, watching Friends and eating these delicious treats… Sounds like a date to me! Check this last recipe here!

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!

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