Valentine’s Day – a menu

Hi! If you’re coming here after reading my Valentine’s Day make-up looks, welcome back! I hope you’re enjoying this little series I’m writing on Valentine’s! I hope it gives you lots of inspo and ideas for your own way of celebrating this day. Right now, I’d like to tell you a little about what kind of menu I like to prepare if I’m the one cooking!

First of all, you need to think of a nice bottle of wine, or beer, of prosecco! Or whatever you like! I like to go a bit more fancy, so I like to get prosecco! Then, I like to think about the dessert! Yes, I’m fully aware we’re starting this from the end, but with a nice chilled bottle of prosecco and a yummy dessert, you’re guaranteed a perfectly lovely dinner! For dessert, I think I’ll go for these Oreo Truffles or these Chocolate covered Strawberries! I mean, can you even spell Valentine’s without strawberries and chocolate or whipped cream?? Look at THIS:





Let’s move onto starters and the main course! Simple and yummy is the way to go! You have the desserts to make it extra special (or even the treats, check them out here!) but I like to go simple everywhere else. I would start with some olives, crackers, some cheese, hummus, raw veggies, crisps even. Things I wouldn’t necessarily have to lose time with and could just arrange them in a Instagram-ish way! For the main course, I love salads! Salads can be easy and simple, very filling if you use the right ingredients but also they won’t make you too full to enjoy the desserts and treats later… or you know, to have fun! So, I love this salad recipe here!


I’d just substitute the bacon with chickpeas and some tuna! I also love the idea of this one here:


It is very easy to make and I LOVE avocados! And if you don’t see yourself eating just a salad, think about making a nice roast! Potatoes in the oven, maybe some garlicky green beans or garlic bread even! That would definitely make a more filling main course, if you’re more of a full three courses kind of menu! What do you guys think of this menu? Is it too simple for you? Would you do something completely different? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to come back in an hour to check out another post on Vday!

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!


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