Valentine’s Day Gift DIY

Hi! Welcome back! If you haven’t already check my two other today’s posts on Valentine’s here to read about make-up and here to read about a VDay menu! I am a true believer on DIYing anything, but especially on VDay, you want to go the extra mile to show your partner that you are willing to follow the masses and celebrate Valentine’s! No, but really, I think it’s always special to get something handmade or put together by your partner, so I’m sharing with you some ideas I loved and that I would actually do myself.


These poppers or crackers are a lovely idea to surprise your partner! Check the how to here. They’re so easy to make and you’ll just need a few things! Also, even though they’re a DIY, they’re done in under 5 minutes! Win, win, right?


A little romantic basket! All you need is a basket. Pick a few DVDs; some candy and chocolate, maybe throw in some popcorn or your partner’s favourite treats! Maybe a bottle of wine. Confetti! You can make it cuter obviously. Add a few bows, maybe some candles… check this photo and some other ideas here!


And last but by no means least, I have this very cute and EASY personalized beer package! How cute! See more DIYs and ideas here! They have quite a few good ones! And let me know what you’re doing for your favourite person!

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift DIY

  1. Ahhhh I love your ideas so, so much. I am so very late on Valentine’s Day, but we will probably celebrate a bit later on given our situation at the moment. I do love that idea of a basket filled with gifts and things he could love! Thank you so much for sharing these 🙂

    1. aww thanks! I love the basket too! so easy but so thoughtful!! Oww I hope you manage to do something special whenever possible! Anyway, Valentine’s is just another excuse to be romantic! 😋😋

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