Valentine’s Day Ambiance!

And hi again! Welcome to today’s 2nd post here! I’ve been having some issues with my server, so I haven’t been able to post every day, as I initially wanted! I’m still doing 10 posts, the 10th coming on Wednesday, but I wasn’t able to post them every day of the week. Anyway, if you clicked on this one, you’re here to read about Valentine’s ambiance! And I love it! Ambiance is so important, and not only on Valentine’s. Even if you’re broke, you can’t afford a gift or a dinner out, it doesn’t matter if you create a lovely atmosphere at home!

Choose a room of your house. Make it cosier. Get a rug. Some pillows. A blanket (to share, obvs!). You can prepare a little something (treats, sweets from the shop, crisps, popcorn, anything that will make the experience a lot more enjoyable!) If you have candles, light up some candles. If you have fairy lights, switch them on. If you have confetti, throw in some too! I mean, do anything you feel like will add more to the place. I just walk around the house and gather anything I feel like will make the space cosy and comfortable! Something we’ll both enjoy. And, you know, by adding food, you’re pretty much doing 80% of the job! This is the way I see it anyway! What do you think? Is this important to you? Or are you happy with a little gift or a letter even? Let’s chat in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!

Chat away!