Valentine’s Day, no stress!

Hi, friends! It IS tomorrow! Does it get any more exciting than this? I don’t think so! But it can get pretty nerve-wracking too! I mean, I love getting ready, the butterflies-in-your-belly-feeling just like it was your first date… I love feeling anxious because it means something special will happen, something you truly want to happen! But it can be overwhelming! To make sure I don’t lose myself in an ocean of anxiety, I like to do things beforehand. Let’s say I have a date tomorrow evening, tonight I will choose my outfit (if I haven’t prepared it before even!), I will do my nails, choose what make-up look I’m going for, shoes, everything. Anything I can leave out and ready to be used, I do! Because you don’t want to be running around last minute trying to find your tights or those pants! So, preparation is key! And besides getting ready, I will also cook a few treats and sweets. And obviously I will prepare them all today because I cannot be bothered with this tomorrow! Nor do I have the time, because we all work… again, organisation and preparation are key!

So, don’t stress!! Prepare anything you need today. Even if that means going to bed a little later than usual. But prepare today so you’re as cool as a cucumber tomorrow! (or, you know, almost as cool!)

Happy Valentine’s, catreaders!


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