Will you…? on VDay!

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

Woohoo! The day is finally here! How was yours? I hope you had/are having an absolutely amazing day with everything you’d hoped for! Our 14th February is always important, not exactly because of Valentine’s, but because it was our first kiss! *sigh* It wasn’t actually planned and we weren’t even dating yet, but it just happened! And I am extremely happy it did! Obviously…

And! If you got engaged today, CONGRATULATIONS! I think it’s quite amazing to get engaged on Valentine’s! It might be a little clichรฉ, but if it is special and important to you both, why not! Anyways, congratulations and I wish you the best!

By the way, I didn’t ask L ‘will you kiss me?’, but bluntly said ‘kiss me’. Oh well… romance!

2 thoughts on “Will you…? on VDay!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cat! I hope you had a lovely day filled with love and happiness and sweet attentions. It’s adorable that it was your first kiss today! <3 <3

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