My holy grail moisturiser!

Hi, guys! How are you doing? It’s a very grey Wednesday here! The weather is definitely all over the place the past few days/weeks! I don’t exactly mind the cold but I love it when it’s sunny. And even though Porto got pretty cold sometimes, I have to say that this is the first time I’ve dealt with minus temperatures for so many days in a row. It’s definitely been a challenge adapting to the weather and try to find new ways of wearing clothes so that I’m warm and don’t catch a cold. One of the other problems I’ve noticed happening is dry skin. I’ve never really had dry skin but this winter has done it. I now have some dry spots and I’ll blame it on the weather! ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ


Obviously, all I needed was a good moisturiser! And if you’re reading this, you probably want to know why I love it so much! First of all, Simple is a great brand that doesn’t use perfumes or colours in their products. I want something that is not overly chemical to put on my skin. Then, this moisturiser has pro-vitamin B5, which helps regenerate the skin, is anti-inflammatory and is even used on many baby products. It also has vitamin E (moisturising effect, lightens dark spots and reverses premature skin ageing!) and borage seed oil which is also a great anti-inflammatory but also helps fighting eczema and skin disorders.

More importantly, I’ve noticed a huge difference on my skin from day 1. I put in the morning before doing my make-up and even though I haven’t seen a huge difference in how long it makes my make-up last, my skin looks healthier, more homogeneous and it has definitely helped with a few breakouts I sometimes have. You only need a little portion on your finger, massage it in between your hands and apply it all over your face and neck. It has no scent and it is not sticky. It also dries down very fast. I usually put it and while it dries, I put on my deodorant, finish getting dressed and continue with my make-up. If you’re on the look for a new moisturiser, maybe this one is a good choice for you! Let me know what is your current holy grail in the comments below!

Happy moisturising, catreaders!

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