Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

Hello! It’s time to pull out our pinkie-vibrant lippie shades for Summer! Well, me anyways! I do love a good pink lip in summer time! And I have to tell you all that I found the BEST shade and the BEST matte lipstick ever! Yes, you read the title, you know it’s #Maybelline! Who would know a drug-store lippie would steal my heart, or should I say lips? πŸ˜…Β πŸ˜…

Ok, enough with the silly jokes. Let’s take a look at the pictures I took for you! This is the shade 15 Lover!πŸ’„


First of all, look at this packaging! It is beautiful! The colour on the outside is the actual shade of the matte ink and the packaging itself is also matte. I thought that was a very cool addition! The applicator looks like this:


There’s that little hole and I don’t really understand what its purpose is, but it is very easy to put on and glides on my lips very easily. It is also quite large so with one swipe I cover a lot of my lips. πŸ’‹ The ink goes on well and it is quite sticky at first, which I found strange and disappointing. However, it dries down in just under a minute and it does NOT budge! I mean, I swatched this on my wrist and after letting it dry, I tried to remove it with paper and it did not erase. And it sat there for a long time (I tried it to see how long it would last just for fun). On my lips, it also lasts for a very long time. I eat with it, I drink, I even wipe my mouth and it survives everything. It also smells amazing! L told me it smelled like yogurt, which I guess is not bad, but to me, it smells like holidays! I also reapply it after a few hours (let’s say 5 hours) and it does not crunch. It just goes on top of the first layer very nicely.


Can you tell I’m impressed? I honestly have been loving this. It’s such a hassle to find good matte lipsticks that won’t make you look dehydrated after a couple of hours or after eating, but I promise you this one changes all that! Try it! There are many other colours and it is quite cheap (9,45€ for mine and slightly more for others)! Check it on Amazon here. Please try it and come share your thoughts with me later!



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