Month Wrap-up

Hi, everyone! How is the new week treating you so far? We have a long weekend here so my start of the week has been slow and with this crazy weather, it’s been with a book in bed all morning, to be precise. The kind of best start of any week to be honest! And because the month ends today (how is this even possible?!) I decided I would write to you about how my month was. 😊

Let’s start with books! Even though I will write a post on my Goodreads Challenge in a few days, I’d like to share with you that I’ve read great books this month and that I’m very excited to share them with you! I got a late start to the month and I didn’t read a lot, but I am still pretty happy about my choices!


Then, I’ve been really into my Bullet journal this month and I’m really looking forward to adding new things to it every month. I’ve been doing a lot better with some habits I like to keep and I even shared some photos with you last week, so that was new to me! One of my new habits is working out! I’ve always loved exercising and just being active but the last few years have taken a big toll on my mental health (and physical health too obviously) so I haven’t been active for some time. But now I am! And I’m loving it all over again. My gym is honestly the coolest and the best I’ve been in. It’s super techy and I often go with L, so that makes it easier motivation-wise. Maybe I’ll post about my workouts soon, if anyone’s interested!

The weather has been amazing too (well, not for the last few days) and it’s been great going out more, walking around, going shopping. It just makes everything a lot more enjoyable to me. I think it’s quite the same for everyone! 😋

I’m also looking forward to May because we’re going to Warsaw to visit some of our best friends! I hope the weather will be great (I’m missing the sun already!) And May has many days off here where we live so I truly cannot wait for a very relaxed, enjoyable month! April has also been relaxed, for the most part, I guess. I’ve been trying to slow down a little and have more ‘me times’ here and there, but I know I’ve been stressed out too. My eye has been twitching again lately and I just know I need to relax a lot more in May. I want to start meditation to help me but I have no clue on where to begin! By the way, if you do, please do let me know!


What about you? How was your April? Did you do something special? Did you go somewhere? Let me know!

Post photo by Brittany Gaiser on Unsplash

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